Friday, 14. December 2018


Remarketing smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

Mobile Devices
The market for mobile devices has changed considerably over the last few years. Innovation speed is slowing down, however. Devices that are 3 or 4 years old can be used for surfing the internet, and they have integrated 3G technology and reasonable cameras. Also they can load the latest software operating systems and therefore remain pretty much up-to-date. Corporate mobile device portfolios have seen a homogenisation process – big quantities of the same or similar devices exist in large corporations. 

All this allows us to buy used mobile devices from corporate clients and resell them after data wiping and refurbishment procedures.

CORRO buys and sells any quantities of:
  • Mobile phones & Smartphones: For example Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and other leading brands

  • Tablets and PDAs: All brands

Our End-of-life and Remarketing services can be applied for mobile devices as well:
  • Logistics: Onsite pickup, Secured transport to our refurbishing centres, Cost-efficient B2C pickup infrastructures

  • Data Security: Anonymization, Certified Data Erasure or Mechanical destruction if required (mobile data shredder)

  • Recycling: Dismantling and Disposal of devices which are not suitable for remarketing

We deal with mobile devices of any condition: Open-box, End-of-life/Discontinued, Overstock, B-grade and returns

We also offer white-label take back solutions for our clients - please contact us for further information.